Clair de Lune Bedside Crib

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Clair de Lune Bedside Crib

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Clair de Lune Bedside Crib

Sleep next to your newborn with our revolutionary Bedside Crib!

Your baby will look so angelic as they have a peaceful night’s sleep in our revolutionary Bedside Crib.

Made from all natural wicker in a contemporary grey, our revolutionary Bedside Crib has a fully adjustable wooden stand to positions easily next to any bed. It can be used as a standalone crib in your nursery and around the house.

The crib comes with its own mattress and is fully dressed in a delicate grey Stars and Stripes fabric, featuring a drop-down breathable mesh panel for ease of visibility and close contact during the night. Our Bedside Crib has been designed with safety in mind, created with babies own safe zone ensure your little one remains safe in their own environment so mum and dad can sleep soundly too!

Fantastic Features Include:
-Comes complete with a 100% cotton sheet, liner and mattress.
-Fold down, breathable mess.
-Fully adjustable stand to complement any bed height.
-Spacious, allowing baby to grow.
-Beautiful white and grey stars fabric.

Suitable from birth to a maximum weight of 9 kg (or until baby begins to roll over, pull themselves up or sit unaided).
Comes complete with a 100% pure cotton sheet, liner, mattress and stand.

Height (Top of basket to floor)=82cm

*Please note that the Clair de Lune Bedside Crib comes with 10 adjustable heights to fit the bed. The above height reflects Position nr. 10 that fits beds with heights between 70 and 72.5cm.

Fabric: 100% Polycotton
Filling: 100% Polyester
Dressings are removable and machine washable at 40 degrees.
Conforms to BS:EN 1130-1:1997
*We do not recommend that you move the basket while your baby is inside.